Greatly Appreciative

Friday, February 24, 2023


Good Morning Amanda,

I am very sad that I think my dad (photo above) is nearing his passing. I am also greatly appreciative to the staff in memory care who are doing an excellent job for trying to attend to his needs. I have been visiting frequently and have experienced directly how the staff continues to be very kind and compassionate during this time which is very difficult. 

Thank you very much.

Best Regards,


Professionalism and Loving Kindness

Friday, December 30, 2022

 Dear Scott,

Thank you for your kind condolences at the passing of our mom, Evelyn. Mom was a remarkable woman and leaves a lasting legacy in her family. 

I couldn't let the year end without expressing our gratitude for you and your staff at the Elms and the Grove. Tom, Mike, and I had ample opportunity to observe the professionalism and loving kindness of the staff toward your residents, including Mom. Mom was so well cared for, always clean, her hair well groomed, and never developing bed sores or problems when she became virtually bedridden. 

Kathleen was so helpful and kind, offering adaptations for Mom to participate in activities, even when she declined, and arranging birthday celebrations for our family. Lorena and Ismary were kind and helpful to Mom and kept on top of her meds. Karla and Ivonne were especially loving with Mom, always cheerful, caring for her beyond the call of duty.

If there is anything we can do for you all at the Elms/Grove, I hope you will let us know. We will certainly sing your praises to anyone who asks for a recommendation.


Pam Larsen

Really Appreciated

Friday, November 11, 2022

 Scott, I want to tell you how great The Elms has been for both Peggy ( photo above) and myself. I always felt she was in a place that was safe and comfortable and with people who were caring and capable and very patient. You have a truly great operation with friendly and competent staff. Believe it or not, I did enjoy our Zoom meetings with everyone participating!

I also would like to say that I really appreciated the assistance you extended to me for the last months, it was truly helpful.

Thank you,


A Birthday Remembered

Thursday, October 27, 2022


Dear Kathleen,

Yesterday Mom (Velma, photo above) would have been 102, I wanted to say an additional thank you to you and all the staff that made Mom's 3 year stay as comfortable as possible. It was unfortunate that we had to do Zoom birthdays for 2 years, but it was handled beautifully. Due to things being closed, she depended on you all to enrich her life. You, especially Kathleen. She really looked forward to your visits. I hope you are taking those breaks. There are so many staff members that did things for her. I wish I could name everyone. I want to thank Dora for helping with her hair, she always felt good after you had been there. A big thanks to Maribel who traveled to appointment with her. Front desk people that always tried to help, no matter how many times she would call. 

My sister, Gayle and I will miss our visits with you all too. It seems strange now to drive by The Elms and not just stop in. Keep up your wonderful work and best to everyone.

Hugs to all,


Thank you and God Bless

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

 Dear Kathleen, Dora, Maribel and Lorily,

I wanted to thank all of you for the wonderful care you provided my Dad, Roger (photos above), over the past 2 years. My sister Susan and I felt that he was very lucky to have such a special care takers as you all especially over the past few months when he was not doing well. He certainly smiled when he saw you so know he appreciated your time with him. We will truly miss him.

 Thank you and God Bless. 


Bonnie ( Roger's daughter)

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

 Hello Kathleen, 

I missed you the day my sister, Tregae and I were finishing up with mom's apartment (Joan LaVaun, photo above). I know Tregae found you and I missed you going down the elevator to the garage. Anyway, I wanted to let you know how thankful I am for your care and attention to my mom and her needs. She was very happy at the Elms and really felt at home-that is what we wanted for her at this stage in her life to have a place she called "home"! Joan was a quiet person and not particularly social, but she loved all the care givers who came into her room once she became more bedridden. Osiris was so sweet to my mom and each of us in the family. Please give her our heartfelt appreciation for all she did to make my mom feel comfortable, cared for, and heard. I will miss seeing Osiris, but the Elms is so lucky to have a caring, empathetic and hard worker like Osiris. She was so tender and sweet with my mom, and I know that was exactly what mom needed.

Thank you for all you do, Kathleen, and for always working with our requests for visitations. Mom is at peace now, out of pain and reunited with my dad and so I am working at being at peace with that.


Kathy Lafaurie

Thank You

 Hello Scott,

Thank you for your condolences. My sisters and I continue to be appreciative of the service and support you and the entire staff has shown to mom. The level of care and compassion provided by the care staff at the Elms has been exceptional. Your team is simply exceptional in their care for mom as well as how they have been respectful to my sisters and I throughout our time with the Elms.

 -Salguero Family (photo of mom, Mercedes)

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