Knowing the Staff and Residents

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Staff are kind and dedicated, Kathleen, Rhona, and Lupe among others. What meant the most to me was knowing my mother was safe and cared for and getting to know the staff and other Residents.

Laura- daughter of Frances (photo above)

Favorable Experience

Monday, October 7, 2019
Generally a favorable experience and management listened.
Charlie- Friend of Sally (photo above)

Family Members Experience

Thursday, August 22, 2019

The staff and residents at The Elms created a gift of community and independence for my parents.

Osie, Flor, Magda and Kathleen always showed attention to the Residents with unique needs in mind. Front Desk and Dining staff good, but sometimes too busy.

What meant most was the personal connections and low turn over in staff. We wish the staff was more familiar/aware of ways to accommodate residents with vision and hearing problems.

Please hire professional to design future remodels with colors/furnishing suitable to population with mobility and vision problems.

FYI: biggest disappointment were lack of follow up through move in and move to 2nd apartment. We were left to fend for ourselves during this stressful time. Also, "move-out" email after Carol passed away (without any mention of her by name) was a surprise in contrast to The Elms usual personal attention.

Karen - daughter of Charles and Carol (photo above)

Thank you

Tuesday, June 25, 2019
My father had planned on moving himself and my  mother to The Elms. He passed away before this happened, but he showed us the place and even took us on "tours" of the lobby when he was still alive. He thought it was ideally located next to the Library and near the Senior Center.

I knew my brother would be able to visit my mother easily, since it was so close to where he lived. (myself and my sister live VERY far away)

I did "comparison shop" when I knew my mom would soon need to move to assisted living. She thought she should move to a small home where about 6 to 10 people were cared for. I was not happy with the size of the rooms n these places and very few people for her to interact with. The Elms really was the best choice. Compared to similar sized facilities, it was better in location and value, as well.

I really feel the people there are happy to be there; Residents and Staff alike.

Osiris "Osi" is a wonderful caregiver, and really a person I will never forget. Kathleen, also, is unforgettable and full of energy. Other staff members I have enjoyed interacting with; June, Scott and Maribel.

The friendliness of the staff, together with a low rate of turnover; every time we visited we were recognized and greeted as family.

We can not think of anything that we would with to see differently.

Thank you,
Connie, daughter of Sally photo above


Thursday, June 6, 2019
Stability (lack of turn over) of staff at all levels is remarkable. This means excellent care and quality communications. Scott, Dave, Kathleen and all management staff, Dora (the best!), Amelia and many others who's names I can't remember. Feeling that my mother, who had dementia was safe and cared for.
From Dan, son of Mimi(photo above)


Tuesday, June 4, 2019
We felt trustworthy to leave her there, safe and clean. She always loved the food. She enjoyed activities and events, everything just seems to work! Kathleen brought my mom into the community group and events. David at the front desk always helpful, nice and patient. We could take our vacations knowing our mom would be "ok" if not back up relative where there she would be fine. She enjoyed The Elms.

-Barbara, daughter of Emily(photo above)

We're thinking of you with thanks...

Thursday, May 9, 2019

...for being so friendly, helpful, and caring to my mother and us while she lived her last 12 and 1/2 years at The Elms.
Sharilyn and Michael

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