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San Carlos Elms, Thank you

Thursday, March 23, 2017
Hi Scott,
Please forgive my delay in replying to you. You and your staff are in a difficult business; you help people when they are most vulnerable. My debt to the people of the Elms is great, you helped me through a great sadness. Sadie and I will come by to see you soon.
(Photo of Claude with mom, Dominga above)
on April 10th, we received the following note from Claude;
Dear Elms Family,
Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for all your help during a time of my greatest need. I will always remember all your kindness. My mother was in good hands when she was with you.
I miss you.

Thank you San Carlos Elms

Monday, March 6, 2017

After moving from New York City to San Carlos, my mother was able to live here independently for eight years enjoying being close to family and establishing new friends. Unfortunately, for the last two years of her life, it became necessary to find an assisted living facility for her when she was no longer able to walk or take care of herself. After looking into several facilities in the surrounding area, we decided on San Carlos Elms for it's proximity, and great reputation for providing care to the elderly.

The care she received at the Elms was excellent-the staff were very kind to her and always treated her with respect and dignity. She developed many friends and quickly became part of the Elms community, participating in as many activities as she could. Our family found the staff to be very welcoming and receptive to the out of town visitors and friends who wanted to visit her. When my mother passed, the staff and management team of the Elms were incredibly supportive. I would highly recommend San Carlos Elms to anyone in the San Carlos community needing the best assisted living care for a loved one.

George (photo above w/ mom, Hattie) and Isabel Uibel
San Carlos, CA

San Carlos Elms Thank you for my Father's Independance

Monday, September 12, 2016

My father, Robert Hoffman, and his wife lived at the San Carlos Elms for almost 4 years! It was a difficult transition for both of them and I do not think they ever got over losing their independence. However, the San Carlos Elms staff tried very hard to make them welcome and to include them as part of the family at the Elms! I especially give high marks for those who took care of my father's daily care, the servers in the dining room and all the others who crossed their path each day! They were always friendly, caring and provide excellent service! This was especially true at the end when my dad was alone and needed quite a bit of care! The patience and care the staff showed was amazing! Thank you for giving every effort to providing a loving environment to two very independent people!

The Robert J. Hoffman Family
Thank you,
Phyillis (shown above with father, Robert)

A Family Member Gives Thanks

Friday, July 1, 2016
Wally Krause

To All The Residents and Staff of San Carlos Elms,

Thank you all so much for your kind words, thoughts, and well wishes for Wally.
He truly enjoyed the camaraderie and friendship that you all gave so freely. I'm here in Grass Valley saying goodbye to his many friends he  had here for 35 years.
Take care and I look forward to seeing you all soon.

All The Best,
Jack Krause
(Wally Krause's Son)

A Birthday Thanks, From a Happy Resident

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

To-San Carlos Elms Directors and staff--

Many Thank-You's for your thoughtful and fun greeting card Wednesday, on the occasion of my 91st Birthday. Your individual notes were appreciated, especially the "WOOF!" and picture of Curley. It's a Keeper for me!

I'm now a nearly four year Elms resident, and have seen quite a few changes and improvements - the most recent ones the most visible and impressive. GOOD JOB, Y'all!

I continue to be happy here.
My Thanks,
Don Pettengill

A Family Gives Thanks

Wednesday, December 23, 2015
Thank you Scott,
   I cannot express how caring & kind everyone has been to Chuck. It was the same when my mother was there. Even though the roughest times, all his needs were met and dignity given.
   Thanks, again, for all you do. I have nothing but the highest regards for the San Carlos Elms and The Grove and would (have) recommend them to anyone. Everyone who visited commented on how lovely it was and how caring and attentive the entire staff was.
(photo of Chuck above)

Thanks from a Family

Friday, December 18, 2015
To the Wonderful Staff at The Elms,
Words are not sufficient to express our gratitude for the manner in which each of you cared for our parents while there. Your understanding, kindness and efforts you made to welcome them at a difficult time in their lives is remarkable. We thank you with all our hearts.
From, A Grateful Family
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