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Music and Memory Program-Thank you!

Friday, February 23, 2018
Hi There,
I left dad (photo above) sitting listening to his music with a huge smile on his face. He kept asking if I could hear it so I listened for a few seconds to what he was hearing. It was very upbeat! He was so excited and kept saying this is great music.

So, thank you once again for bringing this music program to The Elms. Another gentleman in the Grove was quietly singing along to his. I don't know if dad would sing along after I left but I wouldn't be surprised. It was wonderful to see them so excited and happy. Such a great addition to the program in the Grove.

I hope he can listen more often. I've ordered another CD that is on back order.

Thank you!

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Hi Kathleen,

Thanks so much for the pics/videos-so cute!

Also, thank you for all your kindness and help with my father (Dan, picture above) over the last year+. He really loved the staff/ food and activities at the Elms. My brother and sisters and myself were very happy that he got to live there till the end.

Thanks again!

Kind regards,
Laura Alvarado

A Holiday Thank you

Wednesday, December 13, 2017
Hi Scott,

   My name is Glenn Cohen and I am a volunteer who has been visiting Shirley for about two years as a part of my work with Hospice. Shirley invited me to join her and her daughter at the Christmas party last Friday.

   I wanted to thank you, as well as the staff at the Elms, for making it so enjoyable. I especially wanted to thank you personally for the generosity you showed by providing food of such high quality and with so many choices of entrees, not to mention desserts. It is obvious you spared no expense.

   I told Shirley that my wife and I, who are both in our 70's, have chosen the Elms as the place we would want to live if and when we need assisted living. The two things that made us decide on the Elms are the quality of the food, and the caring of the staff, both of which I have seen firsthand. Much of the credit goes to you for hiring exceptionally good people.

-Glenn Cohen
Hospice Volunteer

Thank you San Carlos Elms

Wednesday, November 29, 2017
Thank you for this. You all have been amazing. I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate you all and the way the facility is run and managed. I felt good that Herta (picture above) was there and in a safe, clean place with the most lovely and caring staff.
Thank you,
(Herta's daughter)

Thank You San Carlos Elms

Monday, October 16, 2017
Toni Lovelace
Dear Staff of San Carlos Elms,

Thank you for the care and kindness you all gave our Mom, Toni, over the years. We were lucky to have your team looking after her. She would often say, "They take such good care of me!"

She enjoyed being part of the Elms community. The dining room staff knew what she liked and kept an eye on her to make sure she ate the right things. She enjoyed the food and would say, "They feed us good." The nursing staff made sure she took her medicine. They knew her well enough to know when she was out of sorts, and were there to assist her whenever she needed it. The cleaning staff kept her studio clean and comfortable. The maintenance staff was always there to help her when she needed batteries or lights replaced. The front desk staff were a constant friendly presence always willing to give a helping hand or reassurance. The activities staff with assistance from the transportation staff and volunteers provided a variety of activities so she always had interesting ways to spend her time. She looked forward to the shopping trips, going to church, bible studies, root beer float socials, and manicures. She also enjoyed making things at an art and crafts class, playing Bingo and going to exercise class.

Thank you for keeping us well-informed about her changing needs and for helping us figure out how to let her live as independently as possible. Thanks to you, these final years of her life were made more enjoyable for her and us!

The Lovelace Family

A Families Appreciation to The Elms

Wednesday, October 11, 2017
Ana shopping with Activity Director, Kathleen
Dear Kathleen,
Ralph and I can't thank you enough for the genuine care and compassion you have for the elderly and more specifically, our mother Ana. The saying, "It takes a village," certainly describes the work of all the amazing folks at San Carlos Elms. Although, I must tell you a secret...Ana considers you the "Chief" of the village. She adores you! In our quiet time together she often says, "Kathleen is my friend!" This warms my heart and puts my soul at ease. Ralph and I can now rest easy knowing that the San Carlos Elms was the best choice of a, "home away from home," for our mother.
With gratitude and appreciation for all that you do,
Tina and Ralph
(Ana's daughter and son)

Thankful Family from San Carlos Elms

Friday, September 29, 2017
   We are so happy that our mother was able to spend her final years in such a lovely, warm family like environment. She commented every day on how nice everyone is and on how much she enjoyed the view of the trees and hills from her window. We thank you for that.
Relative of Elms Resident
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